ZESICA Sweater Will Keep You Warm Outside and Cool Inside

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We love layering when it starts to get cold outside. Not only does it often lead to a super cute outfit, but we can stay toasty as we enjoy stepping on crunchy fallen leaves and sipping our iced coffees even as the temperatures drop. The problem is the moment we have to step inside. The artificial heat is our worst enemy if we’re not prepared with a change of clothes!

Stepping into that heat often leads to redness, sweat and an overall feeling of overheating. If we’re somewhere public, we’re wearing a mask too, so we can’t even fan our faces properly. We wish we could tear all of those layers off. Those chunky knits seemed like a good idea before, but now they feel like fire. See where we’re going here? This fall and winter, we’re looking to eliminate this problem, meaning we need a sweater that can keep us warm outside but still let our skin breathe while we’re inside. It sounds difficult, but ZESICA made it happen!


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