Wonder Woman 1984 opening scene: WATCH action-packed prologue to Gal Gadot’s DC sequel | Films | Entertainment

Today marks the UK release of DC superhero movie Wonder Woman 1984 in Tiers 1 and 2. After many delays, the Gal Gadot sequel is finally in cinemas a full 9 days before the US’s simultaneous debut in movie theatres and on streaming service HBO Max. But now Warner Bros have shared the action-packed start to the opening scene for fans to get a feel for the movie.

Wonder Woman 1984’s opening scene is a flashback to Diana Prince’s childhood in Themyscira.

Returning to the role as the Amazon warrior’s younger self is Lilly Aspell, who is seen running through green fields.

Gadot’s voice is heard over the footage saying: “Somedays my childhood feels very far away and others I can almost see it; the magical land of my youth.


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