The Problem With Lena Dunham’s New Plus-Size Clothing Line Is Lena Dunham

This week, “Girls” creator, writer and actress Lena Dunham announced the launch of the 11 Honoré x Lena Dunham Collection, her new “plus-sized” clothing line with the 11 Honoré brand. She celebrated the launch with multiple Instagram posts and a widely shared interview in The New York Times

To be honest, 11 Honoré was barely on my radar, simply because the brands the company carries, its own included, most definitely do not “include” bodies like mine. I couldn’t wear a single thing from its site, and this is the case for many fat people. 

The backlash against the limited size range of 14–26 was pretty immediate. Now, to be fair to Dunham, I have not seen her refer to her line as “inclusive.” However, 11 Honoré calls itself “a size-inclusive shopping site” in its mission statement — while also listing a size range of 12–24. 

I personally don’t believe “inclusive” can apply to sites that cater to a limited size range that excludes both…

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