The Best Places To Buy Glasses Online That Are Actually Chic

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Calling all glasses-wearers! Eyewear is no longer just a necessity, but an inspired opportunity to accessorize. Your choice of glasses says more about your personality than your shoes or bags ever could; because you wear your frames every single day, they are are the perfect way to broadcast your personal style to the rest of the world. That said, deciding where to pick up the right pair can be a challenge—especially when you can’t try them on IRL. To help you out, I scoured the web for plenty of cool eye glasses to shop right now, from the best places to buy glasses online.

I’ve been wearing glasses for pretty much my entire life, so I think I know a thing or two about finding a great (and long-lasting!) pair. I’ve literally tried almost every single style you can think of, from bright frames to more minimal gold options, and whatever mood I’m in, I have a pair that suits it perfectly. Luckily, frames don’t have to be super expensive to look luxe, so I’ve managed to amass a little collection for each and every OOTD.

Case in point: Sites like Glasses Shop offer fancy-looking frames that retail for under $25. No need to break the bank! That said, if you are looking to invest on a pair or two, consider splurging on glasses from Warby Parker or Ray-Ban. Glasses.com even sells a few pairs from designer brands like Burberry! The options are endless when buying frames online. Some sites even give you the chance to try out a few different styles at home before choosing the ones you really want.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where I recommend shopping online for glasses, no matter what look you love.

Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale. 

STYLECASTER | Cool Eye Glasses

Courtesy of Warby Parker.

1. Warby Parker

Remember when I mentioned sites that let you try on glasses before you buy? Warby Parker is one of them. Take their online quiz or browse their entire selection to find the styles and colors that you like, then place an order. You get to try five frames for five days before deciding on the ones you want, and you can even add blue-light protection to your favorite pair.

STYLECASTER | Cool Eye Glasses

Courtesy of Ray-Ban.

2. Ray-Ban

You can’t get more classic than a pair of Ray-Bans, so don’t sleep on their glasses selection! Sure, their shades are iconic, but their regular glasses are just as good. Plus, a lot of their frames are also designed to be unisex and come in tons of colors, so you’ve got options.

STYLECASTER | Cool Eye Glasses

Courtesy of Glasses USA.

3. Glasses USA

Glasses USA gives you the chance to choose from thousands (yes, you read that correctly) of styles. Have fun scrolling through and picking a favorite! They even offer a year-long warranty on all of their frames, so you can easily return them if you have any issues.

STYLECASTER | Cool Eye Glasses

Courtesy of Burberry.

4. Glasses.com

Level up your glasses game with one of the designer frames from Glasses.com. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start by taking their Glasses Finder Quiz to narrow down your search. Or, just spend hours going through every single pair to get some inspiration, like I did to find these Burberry beauts.


STYLECASTER | Cool Eye Glasses

Courtesy of Eyebobs.

5. Eyebobs

No matter you need when it comes to your glasses, Eyebobs has options for you—including all-day readers or your usual prescription pair. Try one of their blue light-specific styles if you’ve been finding yourself sitting on your phone or computer way too much recently. Headaches, be gone!

STYLECASTER | Cool Eye Glasses

Courtesy of Glasses Shop.

6. Glasses Shop

Say goodbye to expensive frames and say hello to Glasses Shop. The inexpensive glasses retailer even has a loyalty program to sweeten the deal. You automatically become a member once you spend over $129 on any single purchase. To maintain the membership and all it’s perks (I’m talking access to exclusive Member Day offers, a $10 gift card, and much more), all you have to do is spend at least $69 by the end of every year after that.
STYLECASTER | Cool Eye Glasses

Courtesy of Privé Reveaux.

7. Privé Reveaux

Trendy gals, I found your perfect glasses. Privé Reveaux designs some of the coolest frames on the web, and many of them (like these pink ones) retail for under $50. You’re going to want to snap a pic for your Instagram feed in one of these pairs, I guarantee it.

STYLECASTER | Cool Eye Glasses

Courtesy of Ralph.

8. Target Opticals

You already to go to Target for everything, so why not shop for your glasses there, too? Target Opticals has styles for the entire family so it’s truly a one-stop-shop for all of your glasses needs. Plus, they offer in-store eye exams for when you need a reason to do a Target run. Or, just scroll through their options online!

STYLECASTER | Cool Eye Glasses

Courtesy of DIFF Eyewear.

9. DIFF Eyewear

I’m already obsessed with DIFF’s sunglasses, so it’s not a shock that I would love their eye glasses, too. Consider this the perfect place to find on-trend frames that are anything but basic.


STYLECASTER | Cool Eye Glasses

courtesy of EyeBuyDirect.

10. EyeBuyDirect

EyeBuyDirect just launched their 5 to See collection, comprised of eco-friendly frames made from recycled water bottles. Each pair comes in three neutral colorways that will go with everything, so you won’t have to worry about your glasses clashing with the rest of your look ever again.

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