The Bachelor Stars: Ranked By Relationship Length!

Matt James, take heed.

You don’t need The Bachelor spoilers to tell you that love – like fame – fades. Real life eventually sinks in, and hits hard.

And fast. That is cynical, yes.

But it’s just factual, guys.

While things were looking up for a time, The Bachelor stars have not exactly had the best track record over the long run.

How bad is it? Well, Peter Weber didn’t exactly raise the bar for future Bachelors last year by dumping both finalists.

Dude sure did get laid a lot, from girlfriend Kelley Flanagan … just not from his true love of a lifetime, Hannah Ann.

Or Madison, for those 48 hours.

Anyway, that guy was always a mess. And now that Peter and Kelley have called it quits, well, he’s 0-3 in…

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