The Bachelor insider reveals the (pretty wild) real reason Roxi Kenny quit the show – The Wash

When it comes to reality tv, the best drama usually happens off-camera.

Which is exactly what happened on The Bachelor this week, with a huge behind-the-scenes fight ultimately leading to Roxi Kenny quitting the show.

We spoke to our well-placed insider, aka someone who was there, to find out what actually went down and why she really chose to leave.

Here’s what they said….

‘The girls all went into a hotel before then filming their arrivals back at the house. Roxi was asked [by a producer] to start a bit of a fight with Juliette beforehand, and it was implied in a ‘wink wink’ kind of way that if she did, Locky would then ask Juliette to leave at the cocktail party. But he never did.

‘Roxi then went and spoke with her…

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