Serena Williams’ Daughter Olympia Watches Doll Qai Qai Dance With Shakira – Hollywood Life

Serena Williams’s daughter Olympia’s doll Qai Qai is dancing alongside Shakira in a viral video, which dad Alexis Ohanian showed to his overjoyed little girl.
Next to Barbie, Serena Williams‘ daughter Olympia‘s beloved Qai Qai has to be one of the most famous dolls around. She has her own Twitter account featuring 25K followers and a whopping 220K fans on Instagram. A fan put together a video of Qai Qai dancing side by side with Shakira in her new music video “Girl Like Me” and three-year-old Olympia just got her first look at it, thanks to her dad Alexis Ohanian…and her reaction is priceless.

Not sure if @olympiaohanian fully understands the @realqaiqai phenomenon, but she sure does love the dance videos. Thanks,

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