Scott Disick: Secretly Pissed About Kourtney Kardashian-Travis Barker Romance?

Last month, fans were stunned by the news that Kourtney Kardashian is dating Travis Barker.

But now that we’ve all had some time to get used to the idea, this pairing really isn’t all that crazy.

After all, Travis is rich, he has reality TV experience, and unlike some of Kourtney’s exes, he falls within an appropriate age range.

Sure, the “heavily-tattooed ’90s punk” look might not fit in with the Kardashian aesthetic, which can best be described “walking status symbol chic,” but we’re sure Kourt will have an $800 sweater knotted around Travis’ shoulders in no time.

Anyway, insiders say the entire Kard clan is thrilled about Kourtney’s new relationship.

But how does Kourt’s baby daddy, Scott Disick, feel about the situation?

Scott, Kourt, Travis

Well, that’s another matter entirely …

Scott, as you know, has a reputation as a bit of a hothead, and while his past as a borderline suicidal alcoholic might feel like ancient history, it was only a few years ago that Disick, distraught over his latest breakup with Kourtney, attempted to kill himself with booze.

But in the years since, Scott and Kourtney have worked out what appears to be one of the healthiest…

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