Psych/grunge act dip drop punch-in-the-face single Joanne

Roaring out of Sydney’s famed inner-west comes grunge/punk crossover act dip (lowercase for that added edge), a band born in lockdown and, judging by their latest single Joanne, are set on taking rock to the extreme.

Combining the driving force of 70’s inspired fuzz-punk and throwing in a splash of psychedelic, Joanne sounds like The Dead Kennedy’s met The Brain Jonestown Massacre in a bar, Kraftwerk dropped in for a pint, and all three acts enjoyed the Nirvana cover band that was performing that evening. Check it out below.

Check out dip’s raucous new tune ‘Joanne’


Despite only clocking in at two minutes, dip tells a pretty profound story on Joanne, with frontman Dil Hare noting that the tune was…

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