Kody Brown: I Don’t Give a S–t About My Wives Anymore!

For a long time now, things with the Brown family have been … well, they haven’t been great.

They’ve actually been pretty horrific, judging by what we’ve seen on Sister Wives.

We’ve seen relationships change and deteriorate, we’ve seen family members be outright mean to each other.

It’s bad.

But this season has been especially interesting because a big theme of it all is Kody just entirely giving up on his family.

He truly seems to be over polygamy, and he’s said as much plenty of times in recent episodes.

He’s said that Janelle is “full of sh-t” and “lazy,” he’s said that he hasn’t felt a spark with Meri in the past several years.

In a sneak peek for this week’s episode, the season finale, he…

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