Katie Price denies ‘cashing in’ on son Harvey with explosive doc

KATIE Price told The Sun “not everything I do is for money” as she denied she’s “cashing in” on disabled son Harvey with her explosive documentary.

The hour long programme airs tonight at 8.30pm on BBC One and is billed as “a deeply personal one-off film”.


Katie Price has denied she’s ‘cashing in’ on son Harvey with their explosive new documentaryCredit: Instagram

Upon announcing the documentary, Katie, 42, was trolled on Instagram and Twitter by sceptics who questioned her motives for putting the 18-year-old in front of the cameras.

Addressing her critics, the star shared: “He can get a lot worse (than what we show). But I didn’t want to show him having a massive meltdown. It’s distressing for people watching because he really does kick off. And when he kicks off it’s like, ‘duck dive, what’s he going to chuck!’

“But I thought I don’t need to add that in there – I think there’s enough in there for you to see that he is challenging. We took the stance not to exploit him, I didn’t want people to say, ‘Oh look Katie is using Harvey to cash in’.”

And Katie pointed out: “The BBC aren’t a channel that pay money, it’s more about education for them and not everything is…

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