Jana Duggar: CAUGHT Violating Her Family’s Dress Code on Instagram?

While the rest of her siblings have rebelled against Jim Bob in various ways, Jana Duggar has mostly toed the line and abided by the insanely strict rules that her parents set out for her.

Sure, she hasn’t started popping out an army of kids yet, but like a nun who’s taken a vow of celibacy, Jana is serving her father in a different way.

While her brothers and sisters have gotten married and left the nest, Jana has remained at home to help care for her younger siblings.

It’s a selfless decision, and we’re sure her help around the house is greatly appreciated.

But still, there must be mornings when Jana wakes up in the bedroom she shares with her four youngest sisters and feels tempted to join the rebellion.

Those feelings might be especially strong these days, amid rumors that Jana’s best friend, Laura DeMasie, was sent away by Jim Bob, who felt the women’s relationship was inappropriately close.

We say all of this merely to explain why so many fans are eagerly seeking out signs that Jana is ready to break free from her overbearing parents.

And many believe they’ve found what they’ve been looking for in a photo of Jana that appeared on her…

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