I’m A Black Mother And Educator. Here’s Why I Let My Kids Read Racist Books.

It was just after the news broke about Dr. Seuss that I pulled my kids onto the living room couch for family read-aloud time. I decided that we were going to read Dr. Seuss’ “And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street.” I cradled the book in my hands, feeling very much like I was palming explosive contraband.

The kids settled in on either side of me. My youngest, my sensitive 9-year-old son, snuggled close to my chest. My 15-year-old daughter raised her eyebrows as she looked down at my choice of books. She was aware of the announcement from the Dr. Seuss Foundation that it would be effectively “canceling” six of the author’s books due to their racist imagery. 

“Sit down,” I said, patting the cushion beside me. 

She did so wearily, crossing her arms. She was used to family nights where we would either play a board game, watch a movie or read a book, but she was apprehensive about this book. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll explain,” I told her. 

Finally, she…

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