I Work In A Ritzy Restaurant And I’ve Seen Some Unbelievable Behavior During COVID

While most of the world has struggled with COVID-19 for the past year, many incredibly wealthy people have continued to indulge as they did before the pandemic. I know this because I work at a fine-dining restaurant in a ritzy ski town and it’s my job to provide a luxurious dining experience for the guests who walk through our door.

As millions of people have hunkered down in their apartments, eating frozen pizza, binge-watching Netflix and trying not to think about how or if they’ll be able to afford next month’s rent, our wealthy restaurant guests have been enjoying $500 bottles of wine, lounging at tables for three hours or more, and generally acting like the virus doesn’t exist.

I admit that I profit from their behavior. I am able to pay for health insurance and food and lodging because of the people who can afford to dine at the restaurant where I work. As much as that fact bothers me, I am also grateful to make a living and to catch a glimpse of these alien…

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