Harry and Meghan’s plans for 2021

Before the pandemic even took hold, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were giving the royal family a headache.

In 2021, sources say the couple want to cause less waves and promote more harmony – a move that’s sure to please the Her Royal Majesty the Queen.

In January, the Sussexes broke away from the royal family, opting instead to forge a life of their own in Meghan’s home country of the US.

They moved, tongues wagged, and the year has reportedly been a series of frosty Zoom calls across the Atlantic.

In comparing it to divorce, what Harry and Meghan have actually entered into is like a trial separation – the royal ties have not been completely severed.

They entered into a “half-in, half-out” 12 month trial; a deal the press dubbed ‘Megxit’, which allows them to retain their royal patronage but earn their own money.

The trial is due to expire on March 31, but sources say they’ll be seeking a further 12 months to test the waters on their new life as non-working royals in the United States.

Harry, Meghan and Archie.

Harry and Meghan’s departure from the royal family was unprecedented, and added to the Queen’s headaches surrounding Prince Andrew’s ties to the late…

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