Greentea Peng’s ‘Hu Man’ Has A Bossa Nova Feel | News

Soulful Londoner Greentea Peng has shared new single ‘Hu Man’.

The vocalist played a Clash Live show last night, and her phenomenal charm interlinked with her evident musicality to create something really special for those lucky enough to be in attendance.

New single ‘Hu Man’ continues her rise, and there’s a slight bossa nova feel in that plucked guitar line.

It’s a refreshing sound, one beamed straight from the beaches of Ipanema but filtered through a defiantly London prism.

Lyrically, Greentea Peng is exploring “oneness”, with the lyricist interweaving her own experiences during a Mexican spiritual ceremony to these fraught times.

Here’s her introduction.

YOU man, me man, WE MAN.

‘Hu Man’ is an exploration of self and our attachment…

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