FIERO’s ‘Coupe’ Is A Statement Of Trust | News

American alt-pop partnership FIERO have shared new single ‘Coupe’.

The duo – Kelsey Bulkin and Joseph Bogan – are separated by some 2000 miles, with Kelsey residing outside of central LA and Joseph based in Nashville.

The project overcomes this, however, displaying innate chemistry in their work, a real sense of implicit trust and communication.

New single ‘Coupe’ is the perfect example of this, a kind of melodic mission statement for the adventurous duo.

Out now, it’a a delicious alt-pop confection, a gleaming, addictive return. FIERO comment:

“‘Coupe’ is about making the call, turning the keys in the ignition and trusting that the other person will come along for the ride…”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Collin Erie

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