Brandon Gibbs’ Parents Accused of Running Cruel “Puppy Mill” by 90 Day Fiance Fans

Ron and Betty Gibbs are nearly unchallenged for the title of 90 Day Fiance Season 8’s biggest villains.

Fans wonder if Brandon can ever get out from under his mother’s thumb and her obsessive, pathological control issues.

But on top of Betty’s toxic behavior towards her son and her future daughter-in-law, they just don’t like how she runs the farm.

Are Brandon’s parents running a puppy mill?

Betty Gibbs paid Julia Trubkina’s travel expenses so that she could come from Europe to America … and be put to work as an unpaid farmhand.

Did you know that there is a word for this, plucked directly from history.

It is called indentured servitude, and it is widely frowned upon because it is wildly…

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