As A Blind Person, COVID-19 Has Changed My Daily Life In Ways Most People Don’t Consider

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, but those of us who are blind or visually impaired have been compromised in ways that the sighted community may not realize.

People who are blind or visually impaired already experience loneliness and isolation at much higher levels than the general population. With the pandemic, there is a whole new set of physical and psychological barriers when it comes to maintaining our independence.

Due to COVID-19, governments and businesses have adopted necessary safety measures, such as social distancing and limited-capacity rules, to curb the spread of the virus. But people with visual impairments, like me, don’t have the opportunity to adapt to these rules, because they are communicated in a way that is impossible for us to observe. For example, in many stores and other places, there are now directional arrows, signage and taped-off measurements to ensure distancing ― but you need to be able to see them to know they’re there. Our guide…

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