Alice Cooper Says He ‘Lost 15 Pounds’ Due to COVID-19

Alice Cooper has recalled the struggles he faced in recovering from COVID-19.

The rocker and his wife, Sheryl, were both diagnosed with the disease back in December. And though he didn’t require hospitalization, Cooper said the coronavirus was still tough to endure.

“It wiped us out,” he admitted in a conversation with AZ Central. “I lost 15 pounds. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat.”

The rocker admitted he “didn’t do any singing at all” during his recovery, but gradually he was able to work back into shape.

“Every day you feel two percent better. Then you get a little bit better, the next day a little bit better, until finally, you’re going, ‘Oh, wait a minute, I feel almost normal now,’” Cooper explained. “But it does…

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