“A Lover of Reggae/Dancehall Music” When their hype expire them start to push …



“A Lover of Reggae/Dancehall Music”

When their hype expire them start to push the narrative that nothing not going on in dancehall/ reggae music.

If everyone keeps pushing that narrative about the music then what we expect the world to say.

I say there is a lot of positives going on in the music.
(Yes there is always more to do in bringing structure to the genre.)

However it’s full time we highlight more of the positives & the progress of music as the artists/producers continues to push the envelope of the genre.

I feel the music has never been sampled so much in all it’s years as it is being done now by so many other genres. ( Now capitalize & secure your bag to, not bash it)

We have so many artists representing the brand international and flying the Jamaican brand.
(Just like our Athletes. Jamaican Athletes & Artists are the two greatest promoters of brand Jamaica. Let nobody tell you anything different)

Yes we need to move the nostalgia of dancehall music to the fore front of this generation.

The research says the genre of dancehall music is only 6% of the market. Yes ppl only 6%.

But still Look at the impact the music is having on the world.

Some would even say the genre is overachieving with its impact. (Doesn’t mean we are to be complacent now)

Hear me out,
Instead of a few artist a try sell out clubs why not 10 dancehall act tour together and lock down arenas like O2, MSG & Staples Center etc.

What’s better 100% of 10$ or 10% of 1 million? 🤷🏿‍♂️
(FYI- Nothing is wrong with healthy competition & being the baddest artist/ lyricist/ Dancer etc
It’s this competitive juice that brings out the best in all facet of life. )

But just know that there is Power in Unity people.

Stop talking about it and do it. “ Say-less, Do More”

PS (Unnu don’t have to listen to me. Just know I’m out here in this world & seeing how people respond happily when they hear our music. Them love it and want more me a tell Unnu.


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