Prison inmate writes ‘The Government Made Me Attack R. Kelly’

A prison inmate has admitted he attacked R. Kelly in his cell (Picture: REUTERS)

The prison inmate who allegedly attacked singer R. Kelly in his jail cell has reportedly identified himself in new court filings.

Jeremiah Farmer, who is an inmate at the Metropolitan Correctional Center for racketeering conspiracy, admitted he snuck into the disgraced star’s cell in a legal filing this week.

According to CBS Chicago, the handwritten documents sent to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals were titled ‘The Government Made Me Attack R. Kelly’ and saw Farmer blame his current legal situation for the attack.

He explained: ‘Farmer, with nowhere else to turn for legal help, was forced to assault hip-hop R&B singer Robert Kelly in hopes of getting spotlight attention and world news notice to shed the light on the government corruption.

‘Due to the most blatant government corruption in Farmer’s case, and being in lockdown for R. Kelly protest, I physically beat Mr. Kelly in an attempt to shed media spotlight on Farmer’s case to prove government corruption and helping Farmer’s innocence to prevail.’

Farmer sent a motion to the appeals panel asking for an extension…

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