Prince Harry freezes when he talks about Queen and William according to body language expert

Prince Harry was tense when he talked about The Queen and William, while he relaxes to talk about Meghan Markle on the Late Late show claims an expert in body language.

Although the Prince revelled in his new freedom as he rapped, danced and spoke openly with James Corden, his body language betrayed what he really thought about the Royal Family, reports The Mirror.

During the chat, his first since quitting the royal family, Harry wowed with a performance of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme tune during a visit to the mansion where the show was filmed.

On an open bus tour with James Corden, Harry opened up to speak adoringly of his ‘amazing’ son Archie and wife ‘Meg’ .

He was clearly comfortable to talk about the family he has mace for himself, but his chat about Meghan Markle and his son was very different to the way he held himself when he talked about brother Prince William and grandmother The Queen.

According to body language expert Judi James, as Harry discusses his grandmother he becomes instantly protective and guarded.

James Corden may have joked about playing Prince William on The Crown, but Harry’s smile…

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