Noel Gallagher lets rip at Prince Harry

Noel Gallagher has launched a spectacular spray at Prince Harry, calling the former senior royal a “f—ing do-gooder” and a “mad little kid”.

Former Oasis lead guitarist Gallagher – who is not unknown for having strong views – told The Matt Morgan Podcast he was shocked that anyone “takes them seriously”, slamming Harry and wife Meghan Markle.

“Prince Harry – surely no one takes him seriously?” he said.

“He’s just a mad little kid.

“I don’t like do-gooders in general, they f—ing wind me up.”

Gallagher, 53, went on to say he felt sorry for other members of the British royal family, including the Queen and Harry’s father Prince Charles and brother Prince Wiliam, because they can’t do many of the things normal people can despite their wealth.

“They’re quite mad. What a terrible f—ing s–t life they must lead, it’s just service, what a load of w–k,” he said.

He said living in Buckingham Palace would be boring – “Can’t go anywhere, can’t do anything, f—ing going to Kenya on holiday”.

Gallagher told the podcast he wasn’t afraid of dashing his chances of getting a knighthood with his tirade.

His long-estranged brother Liam, 48,…

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