Meghan and Harry latest – Couple QUIT royal duties for good and ‘belittled’ family with statement that ‘lacked love’


BBC’s royal correspondent Nicholas Witchel appeared on BBC News to discuss the the announcement made today about Harry and Meghan not returning to royal life.

He said: “There’s almost an unspoken sentence which doesn’t appear in the statement after that, ‘a life of public service like I have led, like my husband has led at the age of nearly 100, like the rest of your family continue to lead, but which you have decided to opt out of.'”

He continued: “Of course they’re saddened as the statement says, they’re deeply disappointed I think that this is how matters have turned out.

“And then the Sussex’ statement, which concludes with these couple of phrases, ‘We can all live a life of service. Service is universal.’

“Isn’t there a sense there of thumbing their noses…’Don’t tell us how to lead our lives’…So I think on both sides, Harry I think will now perhaps finally realise the implications of the decision that they have taken.”

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