Kailyn Lowry Won’t Rule Out Baby #5: I’m Undergoing IVF, Everyone!

Never say never, folks.

For Kailyn Lowry, this isn’t just an empty platitude.

It’s become a saying she must live by in case she wants to add to her immediate family.

On her latest Coffee Convos podcast, the Teen Mom 2 star and mother of four opened up about the consequences of her polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis.

“I was having such heavy periods,” Lowry explains to listeners said. “I would bleed through my mattress. I would bleed through everything.”

For the record, polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder that causes one’s ovaries to grow enlarged and to sometimes develop small cysts on the outer edges.

The cause is unknown and there is medication one can take to treat the medical…

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