Donald Trump Responds to Impeachment, Claims to Condemn Violence

About two hours after getting impeached for the second time, Donald Trump has released a video in which he responds to the charge of inciting a violent mob to rebel against the U.S, government.

The President is unusually calm and reasonable in the footage, likely because he finally realizes what’s at stake.

This is essentially a plea to Mitch McConnell and several other Senators not to convict him when the body reconvenes and hearing the impeachment case later this month.

“Mob violence goes against everything I believe in and everything our movement stands for,” Trump says in the video, without taking any responsibility for his own actions that led to last week’s events.

Trump, of course, told supporters gathered in Washington D.C last Wednesday to march on the Capitol and not to accept an election he has falsely labeled as “rigged” for months.

His supporters then followers orders.

They committed the treasonous act of attacking the Capitol, causing the building to go on lockdown and causing five people to die in the siege.

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In the hours and days that followed, Trump referred to these perpetrators as “very special Patriots” and said his…

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